Canvas Art Prints · 11 January 2019
Canvas prints are a popular way to use your own personal or favorite pictures to decorate your fortress. A Canvas print (photo/picture printed onto canvas, then stretched & mounted onto a frame) creates 3D display of your photos on walls.
Home styling · 04 January 2019
Everyone is afraid of using colour, and for good reason. We’ve all seen the results of someone who has gone too far, it can be very overwhelming. The fact of the matter is that colour is the perfect way to add warmth, personality, and liveliness to your home.

Home styling · 27 December 2018
Thinking you’d like to change the look or mood of a room or your entire home? Here’s 5 tips to create stylish liveable spaces to help the process be easier on the mind… You can do it!
Family Photos Prints · 17 December 2018
Why use Family Photos to Decorate your Living Room? I hear you ask.We all love to decorate and personalise our homes to create an environment that promotes peace and happiness and one of the best way is to showcase our memorable moments with those that matter most in our home.

Living Room · 07 December 2018
For many of us, that black rectangle in our living room can be a dreaded eyesore. It interferes with design plans and for many, the challenge of not knowing what to do with your TV area often leaves a relatively blank space.