5 Tips to Create Stylish & Liveable Spaces

Thinking you’d like to change the look or mood of a room or your entire home? Here’s 5 tips to create stylish liveable spaces to help the process be easier on the mind… You can do it! Just keep asking, what else is Possible? And remember, it’s all about you, your household & what suits your lifestyle. Just because a magazine or TV show says it’s in style, doesn’t mean it’s perfect or practical for everyone. Tailor your home, so it’s liveable, practical, comfortable, welcoming & homely for you & your family. Have fun & a quick tip, if a decision feels heavy then move on to something else.

Questions To Think About What mood would you love to create? Is it for relaxation, business, study, sleeping, movies, eating, reading, quiet, kids and exercise? How do you want to feel when you’re in that space? What practicalities should you take into account? Is it a thoroughfare? Is it near an entrance that requires a mat rather than carpet? Does the kitchen require the crockery close to the table so the kids can set it? Glasses close to the wine cabinet & so on. Storage or open shelving? Breakfast bench rather than a bigger table? Who else do you need to take into consideration whilst designing your room/house? Visitors, family, kids or clients? Are there any Home Business requirements? Do you require an area to put things like bicycles, bags, shoes, shopping bags?


Collecting Ideas Find everything you like, dream of, have seen, possibilities, etc. You may find you don’t use even a 5th of these ideas, but you’ll realise how things can go together, you’ll develop your style as you collect, giving you visuals to work with, locations & special awareness. Take photos, print off & collect from magazines, shops, internet, catalogs, design books & display homes. Ask friends/family what their take is of the space, keeping in mind everyone is different, but someone might give you that brain wave idea that takes your space to the next level. Taking note of patterns, design features & themes, textures, prints, furniture, colours that work well together. Inspirational things that make you feel something & speak to you in positive ways.

What You Have Already: Make a list of everything in the room: STAY / GO Be ruthless, make this work for you, and do it properly the 1st time & stick with your decisions. Colours, furniture, storage, features, walls, shelves, pictures, mismatched picture frames, clutter, window dressings, boxes, pedestal fan, CD player, TV.

What You Need: List the most important elements to be incorporated, here is your base. Are there any pieces that tie in already? Furniture can be purchased new or recovered & rejuvenated for a fraction of the price. Storage should be considered in difficult places, to hide away books, board games, place mats, DVD’s, spare candles, etc, making your space centered & relaxed. Think practicality, comfort & style before adding clutter & bric a brac.

Choosing Colours & Accessories: Colour will set the mood & personality of your space, find 2-3 you like. Paint chits can be chosen from your local hardware. Paint samples on big pieces of paper placed on the wall, will save splatters & drop sheets. Borrow tiles for a few days. Place paint colours, tiles & carpet selections in prominent positions around the house & walk past them every day for a week or so, pulling away the colours that don’t gel, voila. Keeping neutral allows you to add accents, like artwork, cushions, photos & prints on canvas, wall art & icons of your personality. Remember Less is More & enjoy what you create.

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