10 Brilliant ways to decorate-above your Tv wall

For many of us, that black rectangle in our living room can be a dreaded eyesore. It interferes with design plans and for many, the challenge of not knowing what to do with your TV area often leaves a relatively blank space. So, how can we create a brighter or more sophisticated area that complements our home? Luckily, the sleekness and simplicity of new TV models makes the task much easier and with that in mind, here are 10 brilliant ways to decorate above your TV wall.

1. Keep it Hidden

2. Create Open Shelving

Open shelving placed above your television can look extremely beautiful. Not only is it highly practical, its eye-catching too. So, what can you put on your shelves? The key is to not store too many items as this can make the area look bulky. Small plants, coffee table books, ornaments and other decorative items are all great ideas. You could also add baskets as these are perfect for storing small to medium sized things in. There are an extensive range of ideas you can achieve with open shelving. From displaying your favourite photographs to a small dish, you can really think outside the box or keep it traditional. Marble or glass shelving is ideal for presenting an air of luxe in your home while wooden shelves are perfect for providing a shabby chic feel.

3. Hang plants

This may seem like an interesting choice, but hanging plants can create a real statement without appearing bulky or cluttered. Hanging one or two plants slightly above your television, but at each end of the TV, is a simplistic yet effective way of decorating your TV wall

4. Frame your television

Want to complement your décor with a contemporary or rustic look? Adding a frame around your television is a unique way of enhancing your television wall. If you have a shabby chic theme running throughout your home, placing an old wooden frame around your TV will boost the character and charm of your home. If your features are more modern, a chic silver frame will add a stylish twist.

5. Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall helps your TV to blend seamlessly with the rest of your living room décor. Art and prints are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a room. You can also reflect your personality and individuality through the pieces you choose. You can hang your wall art decor above your television or place prints around it, depending on the tone and theme of your room. If your living room is fairly minimalistic, then mix a collage of prints around your TV – choose different sizes of frames for an eclectic look. If you already have a lot of bright colours in your living room, keep your prints simple with black and white vintage style artwork that will help to balance the tone of your interiors

6. Create a personal touch with Framed Prints or Canvas Prints

One of the more affordable 10 Brilliant Ways to Decorate above Your TV Wall is A canvas print. Using your own images is a brilliant way to create a personal touch in your living room. You might also want to mix wall art prints with canvas prints to bring a diverse feel to the area. Create a canvas of your favourite memories, a special family event, portraits of your children, your wedding day or other important images you want to cherish forever. Making a canvas couldn’t be simpler. Canvas2u offer an affordable and high quality solution for displaying your cherished memories in your home. The striking 3D effect will help your wall art décor to standout on your television wall. Place a large print above your TV to create a centerpiece for your entire room – this works especially well if your television is placed in the middle of a spacious wall. If your TV wall is only a small space, use small canvas prints instead. Canvas wall art décor is perfect for providing a homely, energetic or radiant ambiance. Brightly coloured prints give an exciting energy while neutral or black and white prints are calming. Depending on the vibe you want to achieve, you can create canvas prints to your desired specifications.

7. Use a Wall Clock

A wall clock can be a real statement piece in your living room, depending on the style and size of the clock you opt for. A station clock which is extremely large in diameter is perfect for decorating a large wall, especially if you have a small television. Station clocks are generally neutral in colour due to their consistency in resemblance with old railway clocks. The aesthetic of station clocks looks wonderful with neutral tones or rustic/vintage themed rooms. Alternatively, if you have a contemporary style living room, choose a bright wall clock or one constructed from glass to give a beautiful, designer feel to your home. Those with a small television wall should choose a small wall clock to avoid making the space feel cramped. A small clock will still add charisma to a room while helping to balance the area.

Highlight Important words or a quote

Wall decorations are becoming more and more popular. Words and quotations, in particular, showcase your values and beliefs while displaying your individuality. Wall lettering is relatively easy to apply to your television wall. You can use either a stencil and paint or you can opt for wall stickers. If doing your own decorating isn’t something you enjoy, hire a professional to finish your wall for you. Wall lettering isn’t the right choice for everyone so why not consider a plaque instead. Wooden plaques with words, such as ‘family’ or ‘home’ are stylish ways of sprucing up your TV wall.

9. Lighting your Space

Lighting is an important feature in any room. It helps to create brightness and ambience, so bringing a little light above your television can really make an impact in your living room. A simple way to invoke lighting is to use candles. Candles bring soft light and a romantic mood and the best way to utilise them on your television wall is to place them on a small shelf above your TV. You can use candles on their own or you can place them in lanterns for a decorative element. If you’re not a lover of candles, opt for traditional lighting. Wall lights illuminate dark areas and create a spotlight on your favourite spaces. A chic wall light provides an extra dimension to your living room and as a variety of lights are available to purchase, you are pretty much guaranteed to find one suited to your interiors. Choose from lanterns, spotlights, lamps, uplighter wall lights or traditional wall lights. With finishes from chrome to metal, add elegance and warmth to your living space.

10. A quicky decorative item

Decorations like an eccentric piece of tapestry or DIY wall hanging create a fun vibe while a faux stag or deer’s head works well as a contemporary piece of wall art décor. Such wall mounts look striking on your wall, creating a focal point for your living room. Other quirky wall décor ideas include both budget and luxe options. If you’re on a tight budget, placing bunting above your television is a super cute way of livening up your TV wall. Another idea is to bring nature indoors by hanging thin branches either vertically or horizontally. This straightforward project complements white walls and rooms with minimal furnishings. If you have a lot of plants in your living room or throughout your home, branches are a great alternative to other types or wall décor.

These 10 Brilliant Ways to Decorate above Your TV Wall options provide just a little inspiration for decorating above your TV wall. No matter what option you go for, determining what works best will depend on you and your loved one’s personalities as well as your interior colour schemes and home themes. From popular choices like canvas prints to more individual wall art décor ideas, there are an abundance of choices to suit your budget and preferences.

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