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At Canvas2u, we offer quality canvas printing at affordable prices and our canvases are some of the lowest priced, taking into account canvas material and inks used. All our canvas printing, coating and stretching is done right here in Australian, and below is our size & prices for your convenience. With our archival canvas material and Hp original pigment inks, we are able to produce and offer vibrant prints at the best possible prices and we take pride in producing great products without compromising quality.

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Square Canvas Prints

Turn your captured moments into ready to hang wall art and spruce up your living spaces with Square Canvas Prints. Square Canvases are a simple yet fabulous wall art to add a splash of colour and style in your home or office cheaply. They are perfect to decorate your laundry, bathroom, nursery or kid’s playroom.

30cm x 30cm 12" x 12"    $45.00
40cm x 40cm 16" x 16"     $55.00
50cm x 50cm 20" x 20"    $65.00
75cm x 75cm 30" x 30"   $125.00
100cm x100cm 40" x 40"     $230.00

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Rectangle Canvas Prints

Rectangle canvas prints are perfect wall art pieces to turn your special photos into beautiful canvas art for any bare wall. They are fantastic for turning life's captured moments into elegant and stylish wall display to create a focal point or glam that feature wall. Whether it is to relieve your wedding day, share special moments with loved once, family fun or laughter, rectangular prints are perfect for home or office wall decorating.

30cm x 45cm 11" x 16"     $49.00
40cm x 50cm 16" x 20"      $60.00
60cm x 30cm 24" x 12"    $65.00
50cm x 70cm 20" x 30"     $120.00
75cm x 100cm 30" x 40"     $165.00

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Panoramic Canvas Prints

Create stunning wall display in your home or office using your spectacular photos captured on your holiday. Whether it’s Melbourne, Sydney or NY, create a panoramic canvas print and make that wall space stunning. Our panoramic photo canvas prints are perfect to show off your gorgeous landscape or cityscape photos and they are truly the ultimate to add the 'wow' factor to a living room or a custom headboard in your bedroom. Supersize your favorite landscape or cityscape photo and create a stunning focal point in your home, bedroom or office.


100cm x 30cm 36" x 12"   $125.00
100cm x 40cm 40" x 16"    $139.00 
100cm x 50cm 40" x 20"   $155.00
120cm x 40cm 48" x 16"    $179.00
150cm x 50cm 20" x 60"   $240.00

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